Simple Products

License keys can be delivered for simple and variable products.
To enable sending license keys, go to the product page, in the bottom, there is a new section added by the plugin to configure the license manager for the product/variation.

  1. Delivered quantity is how many license keys you want your customers to get per order. The default value is 1.
  2. Choose where to show your customers the license keys they bought. Buyers will always be able to see the license keys they purchased in the order history page, but you can choose not to show the license keys in the emails.
  3. The plugin supports text and image license keys. A text value is always required even if it’s not needed for image license keys (the text value can be any random text to make the license unique). You can choose to show the license key as an image only, and the text part will be hidden.
  4. For simple products, check the checkbox “Main Product” to enable sending license keys for the product.
  5. Save your configuration

Variable Products

  1. Enable sending license keys for variations.