There are multiple ways to add license keys to the plugin.

  1. Adding license keys one by one using the page License Manager > Add License Key. 
  2. Bulk importing text license keys from a CSV or TXT file in the page License Manager > Import 
  3. Bulk importing image license keys from a ZIP file in the page License Manager > Import 
  4. Adding license keys one by one in the product page, in the License Manager’s tab License Keys 

Add License Keys Form Fields Explained:

Any fields that you don’t need you can leave as the default values.

  1. The license keys:
    The license key can be in multiple forms
    1. A simple text.
    2. HTML: you can send links example if you type:


      Your customers will receive a clickable link as a license key.
    3. You can also put your license on multiple lines:

      User: username
      Pass: password

      (for example, if you are selling game accounts instead of activation keys)

    4. You can also mix standard text and HTML.
  2. A license key set to be delivered multiple times won’t be marked as sold until it’s fully delivered.
  3. The maximum instance number (Activation limit) is how many times the license key can be activated using the API.
  4. An expiration date will be generated based on the purchase date and the validity period after purchase. If a static expiration date is set, the validity period won’t be used to create an expiration date.