The first time you use WordPress Notificator, you need to download and install it manually. Then, Install the Envato Market WordPress Plugin to receive automated updates to future versions.

  1. Log in to your CodeCanyon Account.
  2. Go to the Downloads section.
  3. Download the plugin.
  4. Log into your site and in the WordPress admin, go to the Plugins page and click Add New. On the Add Plugins page, click Upload Plugin, select the ZIP files that you downloaded and click Install Now.
    Alternatively, if you cannot upload plugins directly to WordPress:
    1. Unzip each file. A directory will be created.
    2. Upload the unzipped directories to your site’s ../wp-content/plugins directory
  5. Go back to the Plugins page and enable the newly uploaded/added plugins.
  6. Follow WordPress Notificator’s setup wizard to configure the plugin.